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Outaouais Moving Inc. can provide safe storage for all of your effects for whatever length of time you require. If you are moving to the US or across the country but do not have a residence at the destination, we can provide Storage in Transit (SIT) for up to 60 days.


If you require storage for a longer period of time, we can offer our Store at Your Door Service, where your effects are loaded directly into wooden crates for storage at your residence. Once full, these crates are taken back to our warehouse and placed directly in storage. This service reduces the risk of damage to your effects, as the furniture is handled only once into the crate and once out again when you require delivery.


All long-term storage shipments are wrapped carefully in our protective blankets and stored in sealed crates for the duration of your storage with us. All upholstered pieces are covered in these blankets and wrapped in plastic for extra protection. Sofas are stored individually on our sofa racks to ensure maximum protection.

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